Sunday service time change

As we continue to actively manage the current situation surrounding the

suspension of our pastor, David Hornbuckle, the leadership of Whitewater

Church has made the decision on the advice of the leadership of the

Georgia Assemblies of God to postpone indefinitely the Whitewater Church

Annual Celebration Meeting usually held the first Sunday in February.

The leadership of Whitewater Church has also made the decision to move

the Sunday Worship Service to one service at 10:30 am beginning this

Sunday, February 7th.  Our Kids church will run concurrent with the

10:30 am service as usual.

An interim pastor is actively being sought after by the leadership of the

Georgia Assemblies of God on our behalf to help us navigate this next

season and to provide ministry and leadership to our congregation.


In the meantime, we ask that you continue to respond to these difficult

circumstances as follows:

         Pray earnestly for Pastor David, Amy, and their family during this

         extremely painful and difficult time.

         Unite as a church to band together as we sacrificially work, give, 

         and pray to see that the church remains strong in a time of intense


         Refrain from gossip, speculation, and uninformed judgments. 

         Instead, we will pray the righteousness of God to bring truth and

         justice to all parties involved.


On behalf of the leadership of Whitewater Church, we will be diligent to

communicate with you accurately and regularly throughout this process. 

Your support for this ministry is needed now more than ever before.


Approved and submitted by the Leadership Advisory Team of Whitewater

Church on February 2, 2021.